14 February, 2022

Benin Branch Celebrates Valentine’s Day In Grand Style

In what many described as “the first of its kind”, the Benin Branch of the Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund on February 14, 2022, celebrated Valentine’s Day as one big united family under the admirable stewardship of the Branch’s Manager, Mr. Emagun Abraham Onoriode. The event which took place at the branch’s office in Benin City had the staff of the Fund dressed in colourful attires with elephant smiles written all over their faces. It was the first time that they were experiencing that kind of friendliness as a branch.
The celebration was the Branch Manager’s idea of championing the spirit of friendship, togetherness, and mutuality among the members of staff so as to improve productivity and create a safe work environment. Upon assuming office in July 2021, he had noted that members of staff were in synergy which in return affected productivity. Thus, he introduced initiatives that would change the narrative and foster unity in the workplace.
Speaking at the event, Mr. Onoriode spoke about the importance of love, peace, and unity among people in workplaces. He applauded everyone’s active collaboration which he said was the reason for the success that the event recorded. He thanked the staff for all their efforts and commitment to work and encouraged everyone to continue to show love to one another including to those in their communities and wherever they find themselves. Staff also exchanged various gifts and shared hearty laughter together. Friendship among staff has improved as a result of the event.